Run2B Residential Running Trips
Hosted short breaks to Normandy for runners to enjoy running in the beautiful Normandy countryside with Zipwire, Go Karts, Rock Climbing, Luge riding, Canoeing and plenty more between runs.

About us and our trips...

Hi, My name is Steve Read, a regular runner myself and a UK Athletics qualified Coach in Running Fitness.
When my wife, Jenny and I bought our holiday home in Normandy in 2007 one of the key requirements was - how good is the house and the area for running. 
Well we feel we chose well and I hope you too get the chance to experience first hand why we feel this way. Take a look at the website and also the facebook page If you cannot find what you are looking for, please feel free to get in touch
Steve and Jenny
  1. Why a Residential Trip?
    When you go on a residential running trip all you need to think about is running - comfortable in the knowledge that you are being guided by a qualified coach and all your sessions have been planned already - plus you'll have the benefit of working with a group.
  2. What is included?
    A simple breakfast and evening meal is provided and accommodation. We take a maximum of 8 runners on each trip so that there is plenty of space and room in the fridge for your lunch and this allows more personal coaching
  3. How do I get there?
    We have have 2 packages available... (a) Get me there (most popular) or (b) I'll make my own way For "get me there" guests all transportation for runs and tourist site visits are included
  4. What else can I do?
    When not running, there is so much to do in the local area including but not limited to... Go Karting, Canoeing, Luge riding, Rock Climbing, Walking, Cycling, Tennis, ZipWire, Swimming, stand up paddleboarding and more.
  5. Will I have to run?
    Naturally we appreciate that not everyone has embraced running as a lifestyle choice so if you want to come along to accompany your running friends or family, you'll find plenty to do, in and around Mortain - there are bikes on site or plenty of places for walking.
  6. How far will run?
    We can cater for all abilities, whether you're new to running and just looking for local short runs or interval sessions or a full on Ultra runner looking for drop off and run back 30 mile trails - there will be something for everyone.
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Run2B Residential Running Trips

Why not treat yourself to some running indulgence - put a boost into your training and join us on our next trip?